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Commercial Office Flooring - BDO - Carpet Tiles

Commercial Office

Commercial Office

Your commercial office fit-out can have the complete solution in one package, covering all areas from the entrance, to reception, to the office space, around to the kitchen and bathroom areas. We understand you may be conscious of acoustics and performance, which is why our commercial office solutions will meet your needs. 

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All areas covered
Zones and application

Office Flooring Sector
...the tiles provide warmth and sophistication with a splash of colour.
Emily Bolam - Designer on BDO Office

Entrance and high traffic areas

Stop dirt, moisture and debris before it enters. Advance Flooring's entrance matting provides your office with the first line of defence against moisture and dirt, helping to protect the rest of your faculty, and help reduce cleaning costs. With excellent anti-slip properties, our entrance matting is the safe choice.


Stair solutions with nosing's designed to fit a range of surfaces, use a recycled rubber, anti-slip insert to ensure your stairs are safe and durable. NZ stock rubber to cover the stair surfaces offers an anti-slip, recycled solution for stair surfaces. 

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Flooring solutions for bathrooms are provided by Gerflor vinyl. Gerflor vinyl is produced with the environment in mind. Safety and homogenous vinyl gives you a range of vinyl solutions for your bathroom floors. 

Ambiance Ultra Express Delivery | NZ Stock
Tarasafe Standard Express Delivery | NZ Stock
Tarasafe Ultra Express Delivery | NZ Stock
Tarasafe Ultra H2O R11 Express Delivery | NZ Stock
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Open space / meeting rooms

Carpet tiles for your office space are heavy duty, commercial grade carpet tiles, making them suitable for your office space, but also suits schools, hospitality and public spaces. 

Cityscape - Detroit Express Delivery | NZ Stock
Kingston Express Delivery | NZ Stock
Awake Express Delivery | NZ Stock
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Breakout Zones, circulation areas and kitchenettes

Collaboration and breakout zones need high performing, durable and acoustic rated flooring. Solutions for your breakout and collaboration areas match your requirements for maximum performance.