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Taraflex Multiuse Sports Floor OneSchool Global

Sports Flooring

Sports Flooring

Advance Flooring are the proud New Zealand distributors of Gerflor Taraflex Multi-purpose Sport floors. Gerflor is the specialist of PVC sport floorings since 1947 with the brand Taraflex, the worldwide leading brand of indoor sport floors. Gerflor’s expertise and experience is reflected by the depth and the quality of the ranges. Working on innovation and offering products that fit numerous sports applications with a large number of colours whilst maintaining the technical performance required. Gerflor eco-design all ranges with respect to the environment as well as the health of all users.


Taraflex sports floors provides comfort, safety, protection and a high quality playing surface for multi-sports, multi-use and sports specific applications. Exceptional performance in reduction of sporting injuries from impacts and abrasions sets Taraflex sports floors apart, providing protection for players and high-quality sports surfaces. 


Recreation sports floors are vinyl leisure sports floors that are low maintenance, suited to sports and leisure activities.