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Taraflex Multi-Use

Taraflex Multi-Use is a true multi-purpose sports floor. Sports halls can join the ranks of inviting, creative community spaces - catering for a wide-ranging sports, leisure, academic and business activities. Designed to be able to play sports on and non-sport activities Taraflex Multi-Use is the floor to provide the solution to a range of needs.

Offering superior resistance to furniture and rolling loads, whilst providing great sports properties to athletes, Taraflex Multi-Use helps prevent both short and long-term injuries for all levels and ages of athletes - while having the ability to use furniture on the surface. 

Protecsol surface treated to create a 100% non-porous, water-proof barrier to prevent all liquids and chemicals from penetrating the surface. Also assists in making it easier to clean and maintain, saving on cleaning costs. 

  • Can be used for all indoor sport activities
  • Can also be used for multi-purpose activities
  • Easy maintenance with Protecsol
  • D-max + (triple reinforcement) for heavy loads
  • Slip-resistant 
Fit for purpose

Taraflex Multi-Use sports flooring is recommended for use in applications where indoor sports, leisure, academic and business activities will take place. 


Thickness: 6.2mm

Weight: 4.2 kg/m²

Length: 20.5m Standard

Min/Max Length: 12.5m - 26.5m (500mm increments)

Width: 1.5m

Shock absorption: P1

Surface treatment: Protecsol

Surface complex: D-Max +


Hard set acrylic adhesive is recommended.

E.g. Uzin KE2000, Mapei 300

Masterspec Partner
Taraflex Multi-Use Sports Floor for Schools
School Hall - 4331
Taraflex Multi-Use Sports Floor for Schools
Immanuel Lutheran College
Taraflex Multi-Use Sports Floor for Schools
Taraflex Multi-Use
Taraflex Multi-Use Sports Floor for Schools
Taraflex Multi-Use
Colour palette
2790 Multi-Use Sports Flooring 2790
2791Multi-Use Sports Flooring 2791
3708 Multi-Use Sports Flooring 3708
4331 Multi-Use Sports Flooring 4331
4453 Multi-Use Sports Flooring 4453
6180 Multi-Use Sports Flooring 6180
6430 Multi-Use Sports Flooring 6430
6758 Multi-Use Sports Flooring 6758
6557 Multi-Use Sports Flooring 6557
6844 Multi-Use Sports Flooring 6844
8069 Multi-Use Sports Flooring 8069
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