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Taraflex Multi-Use

Taraflex Multi-Use is a true multi-purpose sports floor. Sports halls can join the ranks of inviting, creative community spaces - catering for a wide-ranging sports, leisure, academic and business activities. Designed to be able to play sports on and non-sport activities Taraflex Multi-Use is the floor to provide the solution to a range of needs.

Offering superior resistance to furniture and rolling loads, whilst providing great sports properties to athletes, Taraflex Multi-Use helps prevent both short and long-term injuries for all levels and ages of athletes - while having the ability to use furniture on the surface. 

Protecsol surface treated to create a 100% non-porous, water-proof barrier to prevent all liquids and chemicals from penetrating the surface. Also assists in making it easier to clean and maintain, saving on cleaning costs. 

  • Can be used for all indoor sport activities
  • Can also be used for multi-purpose activities
  • Easy maintenance with Protecsol
  • D-max + (triple reinforcement) for heavy loads
  • Slip-resistant 
Fit for purpose

Taraflex Multi-Use sports flooring is recommended for use in applications where indoor sports, leisure, academic and business activities will take place. 


Thickness: 6.2mm

Weight: 4.2 kg/m²

Length: 26.5m Standard

Width: 1.5m

Shock absorption: P1

Surface treatment: Protecsol

Surface complex: D-Max +

Taraflex Multi-Use
School Hall - 4331
Colour palette
6385 Sports Flooring 6385
Sports Flooring 6386 6386
Sports Flooring 6387 6387
6388 Sports Flooring 6388
6844 Sports Flooring 6844
2790 Sports Flooring 2790
2791 Sports Flooring 2791
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