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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Advance Flooring are the proud distributors in New Zealand for vinyl flooring by Grabo. Vinyl flooring by Grabo is suitable for commercial, education and healthcare environments. Safety and homogenous floor vinyl combine with wall vinyl to complement our existing flooring solutions. 

Express Delivery Vinyl | NZ Stock

Express Delivery vinyl range is a range of popular colours that are available ex-stock in NZ for your convenience.

Conducto S Conductive Homogenous Vinyl - NZ Stock-Express Delivery
Fortis R9 Homogenous Vinyl - NZ Stock-Express Delivery
Muravyl Heterogenous Vinyl Wallcovering - NZ Stock-Express Delivery
Strong R11 Safety Vinyl - NZ Stock-Express Delivery
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Safety Vinyl

Slip resistant safety flooring is an excellent choice when safety and anti-slip properties are required. The result of 55+ Pendulum test guarantee's that it provides stable adhesion even in wet or slippery environments. In addition the Easy Care PUR Surface provides comfort to users as it enables easy cleaning. 

Strong R11 Safety Vinyl
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Homogeneous Vinyl

Homogenous general purpose roll based vinyl, with an integrated self-disinfecting property that provides a long-lasting hygiene, thanks to Silver Knight. With a Group T wear resistance, it is one of the most durable and lasting solutions for public uses. 

Fortis R9 Homogenous Vinyl
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Anti-Static Vinyl

A high performing anti-static, homogenous, phthalate free floor covering. Electrostatic conductive properties guarantee the lasting elimination of electrostatic charges. Suitable for operating theaters, x-ray departments, laboratories and computer rooms. 

Conducto S Conductive Homogenous Vinyl
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Wall Vinyl

Muravyl Wall vinyl is a decorative and hygienic solution that is ideal for healthcare environments and areas that need a durable and low maintenance surface. 100% recyclable and resistance to impacts, you can match your wall vinyl with your chosen floor coverings.

Muravyl Heterogenous Vinyl Wallcovering
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