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Taraflex Isol Sport Membrane

Vinyl isolating membrane is specially designed for sports flooring. For installation on concrete subfloors.

As it is installed loosely over the subfloor, horizontal movement at the expansion joint will not disrupt the Taraflex install above.

The Isol membrane is designed to accommodate high moisture content of up to 92% RH so may avoid need for any moisture mitigation system if the RH tests are high.

The isol membrane rolls are run in the same long direction as the Taraflex rolls with seams offset from each other.

The Taraflex rolls are fully stuck to the Isol surface with hard-set acrylic adhesive, note trowel notch size is slightly less than standard adhesion to concrete.

This is a perfect solution for rehabilitation, a protection from subfloor moisture.


  • Double side on non woven glass fibre with backing design made up of 3-branch star foam pads
  • Enables loose laying on sensitive subfloors (risks of humidity, coated...) when it is used with a Taraflex sports floor.
  • The raised effect allows humidity to circulate.
  • Bond well at doors with PU adhesive to prevent delamination.
  • Edge to edge installation
  • Bond vinyl floors with Gertec adhesive
  • Reduces installation times and costs by allowing looselay installation.
  • Environmentally sustainable product.
Fit for purpose
  • Isol sport membrane is 1.65mm x 2.00mt wide sheet loose lay over prepared subfloor.
  • Isol rolls are 45lmts x 2mt wide and generally ordered to support specialized projects. 
  • For new builds and renovation work alike, depending on the level of dampness.

Thickness: 1.65mm

Weight: 1.35 kg/m²

Length: 45 Max lm

Width: 2 lm

Indentation resistance: ≤ 0.5 mm

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Taraflex Isol Sport Membrane
Taraflex Isol Sport Membrane
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