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Which Entrance Mat, for different zones


Having the correct mats in the correct location, can not only look good, but save you time and money on cleaning costs. 

Fibrous entrance mats are designed to be moisture absorbent and assist in dirt removal from shoes. 

Non-fibrous mats are usually the first line of defence to your faculty, and are best used in conjunction with a fibrous entrance mat.

  Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
Entrance Mat CoralTread - ReTread Insert CoralTread - Zeno Protect Insert Zeno Protect - Entrance Carpet



Zone 1: In this case, the Entrance Mat it is located outside, where rain and moisture can easily access the mats surface. A traditional fibrous insert, in CoralTread for example, is highly absorbent. This means that the insert would absorb the moisture (rain) and reach its saturation point, resulting in the mat not removing moisture and dirt as efficiently as possible. The result would be dirty, wet and dangerous floors inside.

Zone 1 Solution: The solution for Zone 1 is to have a non-absorbent entrance mat to remove dirt and solid material from the soles of shoes. This means that the persons shoes will still be wet once they enter the building, but clean. This is why ReTread inserts are best used in conjunction with a fibrous mat inside the building. The ReTread insert is a recycled rubber insert, used in Advance Flooring's aluminium entrance matting systems. Learn about ReTread here

Zone 2: In the case of Zone 2, this area is usually located inside a wind-lobby. This is where the majority of the 'cleaning' of shoes takes place. The ReTread insert has removed larger amounts of dirt and grit off the shoes, only now there is moisture and remaining dirt still to remove. 

Zone 2 Solution: The solution for Zone 2 is to have an entrance mat with a fibrous insert such as Zeno Protect, to remove the moisture and remaining dirt. Advance Flooring's entrance mats with fibrous inserts are all designed for this purpose. View Entrance Matting

Zone 3: Now that you have gone through Zone 1 and Zone 2, you are entering the main foyer or entrance way of the building. Final moisture droplets and dirt might remain on your shoes, especially if the mat in Zone 2 wasn't big enough. How big should the Zone 2 entrance mat be then? Learn about that here. In Zone 3 you want to finish the removal of possible moisture and dirt, and graduate into the main building's floor surface - carpet tiles, polished concrete, rubber, vinyl etc. 

Zone 3 Solution: What you need is an Entry Carpet. Designed to be used in either Zone 2 or 3, Entry Carpets are stylish, low-key, functional and high performing. They are also the perfect way to graduate into a new surface inside the building. Entrance Carpets will complete, and conclude the cleaning process and provide a neat strip to break up the space between the entrance way and the main foyer. But if you have a correct sized Zone 2 mat, Zone 3 might be an entrance tile such as Gecko, or you might go straight into carpet tiles. Zone 3 is about completing the process, and graduating from the wind lobby into the main foyer. 

Why should I have a Zone 3? Zone 3 is about graduating the Entrance Mat, to the inside floor surface. It is also to complete the leaning process if the win-lobby or Zone 2 is too small. Only 50-60% of dirt and moisture is removed after one metre of Entrance Mat, 75% is removed after 3 metres of Entrance Matting and 90% is removed after 6 metres of Entrance Matting, based on industry report averages. If your Zone 2 is only 3 metres deep, an Entrance Carpet in Zone 3 will complete and compliment the finish. 

Entrance Matting and Entrance Carpets

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