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Zeno Protect Excellence

Zeno Protect Excellence is an extra heavy duty entrance carpet system and super water absorbent by absorbing over 5 litres of water per square metre and stops up to 90% of dirt and moisture within 6 metres of the entry. This provides great performance for intense wearing entrance ways.

Zeno Protect Excellence is made from 100% recycled yarn, a regenerated non-woven polyester and a phthalate free backing, produced utilising solar energy, making this an environmentally conscious entry carpet option.

Zeno Protect Excellence is available as an entrance carpet, and is also your premium choice of infill for the Architectural Entrance Matting series. This gives you another reason to specify Zeno Protect Excellence with confidence.

Available in 27.5 metre rolls x 2000mm wide.

Can be cut to custom lengths.

  • Extra heavy duty performance, devised for high traffic areas
  • Removes dirt and moisture from any direction
  • Effectively traps up to 90% of walked in dirt and moisture
  • Multiple colours provide more design flexibility
  • Slip resistant, mitigates slips and falls causing injury
  • Save cleaning costs, easy to clean and maintain
  • Manufactured with 100% recycled yarn content
  • Compliant, has been tested and exceeds the NZ flammability requirements
  • Supported by a 5-year manufacturer limited warranty
  • Phthalate free backing 
  • Produced utilising solar energy
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Zeno Protect Excellence
Zeno Protect Excellence
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Black-2.jpg Black
Red.jpg Red
Granite.jpg Granite
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