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Defining learning environments with Advance Flooring

Defining learning environments with Advance Flooring
City Square Carpet Tiles - Aotea College
Defining learning environments with Advance Flooring
CoralTread Entrance Mat - Otago Girls High School
Defining learning environments with Advance Flooring
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Defining learning environments with Advance Flooring
Kingston Carpet Tiles - Prospect School
Defining learning environments with Advance Flooring
ExtraTread Entrance Mat - Kriston School

Educational facilities from early childhood centres through to tertiary institutions often consist of five distinct environments: learning spaces, sports areas, bathrooms and changing rooms, entryway and circulation areas, and stairways.

Architecturally, these environments will be defined as much by the flooring surface as by any other design element, with comfort, water resistance, hygiene and safety just some of the features a floor should provide, according to its use.

Function and design

Visually, learning spaces may be vibrant and dynamic for younger students, or more neutral in the case of high schools and tertiary institutions. Either way, carpet tiles are a robust solution, providing comfort underfoot with durability and good acoustic properties. The Kingston range of carpet tiles offers all of these qualities, while its large colour palette gives architects and designers maximum design expression.

Sports floors must embody performance and safety, fulfilling duty of care requirements. Taraflex Multi-Use is a multipurpose sports floor ideal for use in gyms, where sound absorbency, durability and performance are essential. Made of high-density foam, Taraflex reduces impact injuries through high shock absorption, while its vinyl top layer minimises abrasion through falls. And with a high resistance to furniture and rolling loads, it allows gymnasiums to cater to a wide range of school functions.

Ensuring safety comes first

The presence of water provides specific challenges, and the chance of slips and falls must be reduced in bathrooms and changing areas. Vinyl is the most suitable flooring material, with surface coatings that never need to be waxed, buffed or sealed. Advance Flooring stock a range of vinyl, from homogeneous through to R10 anti-slip vinyl, with R11 for barefoot showers and R12 for kitchens.

Stopping dirt and moisture entering from outside is also essential; it reduces cleaning bills and replacement costs. For entryway and circulation areas, the key is prevention. Entry matting and entry carpets must absorb moisture, trap dirt and be highly durable.

For corridors, rubber is the best choice for reducing footfall noise and enhancing design aesthetics. For stairways, again safety is paramount. Anti-slip nosing made from recycled rubber ensures stairs are safe and durable.

Guidance on MOE requirements

Advance Flooring has been family-owned for four generations, with over 45 years’ experience in flooring, servicing many education sector clients. We know the suitability of each product for its environment. And, having worked extensively with MOE guidelines, they have detailed understanding of the necessary parameters for fire rating and sustainability and will only propose fit-for-purpose products.

Providing the entire package

Advance’s range of environment-specific flooring removes the pain of specifying multiple products. Ordering from one supplier means only one channel of communication for specification, ordering and installation. Advance can work directly with project managers and school principals from selection to installation, simplifying the entire process.


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