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Franklin Plumbing Showroom

Architect — Franklin Design Studio

Franklin Plumbing Showroom

Rubber - Franklin Plumbing
Rubber - Franklin Plumbing
Rubber - Franklin Plumbing

Black Rubber Flooring for a Clean Modern Aesthetic

A striking black-and-white interior offsets the pristine metallics and porcelains of Franklin’s bathroom ware. The high-quality black rubber floor from Advance Flooring creates the foundation for a modern look while absorbing sound and standing up to the rigours of a busy retail space.

Franklin’s new Panmure showroom features a dramatic industrial design complete with exposed structural steel, high-gloss wall panelling and LED strip lighting. This mix of high-tech and raw finishes creates an inspired interior for a large collection of mid- to high-tier bathroom fittings. The grand scale of the main space, and its fine joinery details, are pulled together through the clarity of the black-and-white scheme and clean, monolithic surfaces. There is no mistaking that the bathroom ware is the hero here, as the sophisticated fit-out guides visitors easily between displays.

“The key driver for using black was the contrast it would create for the white and chrome bathroom ware,” says architect Dave Sandford from the Franklin Design Studio. “The rubber also had the practical advantages of being noise-abating and easy to clean and maintain.”

The rubber specified is Advance’s Express Delivery RS100, the best recycled-rubber flooring product available in New Zealand. It appears on the floors, upstands and countertops throughout the showroom. While it has an obvious aesthetic appeal – the matt finish provides real simplicity and a subtle texture – it also ticks the environmental and sustainability boxes with low VOCs and up to 100 per cent recycled rubber.

Rubber is tough, too. Often used in gymnasiums for this reason, it stands up to a lot of use and abuse while keeping its good looks. But the “give” of rubber also makes it soft to the touch, and a good surface for standing on for long periods, helping reduce staff fatigue through the working day. It meets the New Zealand fire regulations for low smoke development.


RS100 Express Delivery rubber is part available ex-stock in New Zealand. Anti-slip, sound absorbent, durable, eco-friendly and easy maintenance, RS100 is available ex-stock in 3mm, 6mm and 8mm, with 3mm available with fresh-finish.


Project: Franklin Plumbing Showroom

Architect: Franklin Design Studio

Product: RS100 Express Delivery Rubber

Rubber - Franklin Plumbing
The rubber also had the practical advantages of being noise-abating and easy to clean and maintain.
Dave Sanford
Rubber - Franklin Plumbing

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