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BodyFix - Premium Gym Tiles
BodyFix - Premium Gym Tiles

Rubber flooring is widely regarded as the best flooring in a gym, particularly in the weight-training studios where impact and sound absorption are critical.

When boutique Christchurch gym Bodyfix needed to replace the flooring in their weight- and functional-training studio, they looked no further than recycled rubber tiles. ‘We had rubber tiles in our previous gym and knew they stood up to the intensity of a gym,’ says owner Moana Williams. ‘The floor takes a hammering from high foot traffic, weights and machines. Rubber not only handles the wear and tear, it also soaks up the sound for a more pleasant training environment.’

In any gym, dumbbells get dropped, so shock absorption is critical not only to minimise sound, but also to prevent equipment bouncing back at a user, and to soften the impact on the equipment itself. For all these reasons, fitness centre rubber flooring tiles are by their nature thick and tough. They also provide excellent slip resistance.

The 1010 x 1010 mm by 15mm thick Premium Gym Tiles at Bodyfix are laid in a brick pattern for speedy installation. When refitting an operating gym, there is minimal downtime and disruption to members in comparison to replacing an area of continuous flooring.

Our gym tiles come in plain black or black with colour fleck in six colours. Bodyfix selected yellow fleck to match their brand colour. ‘We’ve had them in for one year now and they have been primo,’ says Moana. ‘We knew rubber worked and it was better to spend a little more to get the right product in that would last and keep our space looking sharp.’

Product description:

Premium Gym Tiles have been developed and engineered for general fitness gyms and CrossFit applications. The shock-absorbing tiles are made from 100 per cent recycled rubber and highly resilient to pounding due to dual layer construction. They are very slip resistant for a safer exercise environment, and they are a cost-effective choice for anywhere where a tough, sound-absorbing, anti-vibration and comfortable tile surface is preferred.



Project: BodyFix, Christchurch

Product: Premium Gym Tiles, colour 503HD

Photographer: Mark Scowen

Writer: Folio

BodyFix - Premium Gym Tiles
Rubber not only handles the wear and tear, it also soaks up the sound for a more pleasant training environment.
Moana Williams - Owner
BodyFix - Premium Gym Tiles

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