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Taraflex vs Polyurethane Sports Floors

Polyurethane vs Taraflex Vinyl Sports Floors
Polyurethane vs Taraflex Vinyl Sports Floors
Polyurethane vs Taraflex Vinyl Sports Floors

The three main surface choices for gymnasium and sports floors are vinyl, timber and poured polyurethane. While they offer similar performance advantages, vinyl flooring such as Gerflor’s Taraflex is more cost-effective, and easier to install and maintain. This article discusses polyurethane and Taraflex synthetic vinyl sports floors.


Poured polyurethane floors begin with a rubber shock pad over which the seal layer is poured. Taraflex is constructed with a base layer of closed-cell foam to provide higher safety levels at a reduced thickness – a 4mm Taraflex foam layer rather than a 7mm rubber pad.

Being self-levelling, the poured floor can result in variable thickness and levels of durability. Taraflex is installed as a single unit, with a consistent depth of top layer.


Vinyl floors are area-elastic, meaning the floor interacts with an athlete separately on each point of contact, providing optimal impact protection and helping to prevent injury.

Taraflex is a multi-layered product designed for maximum player safety. It has specially formulated surfaces to improve traction but reduce friction. Less heat is generated when diving and sliding, resulting in fewer injuries and burns. This is particularly important for school gymnasiums, where safety is a primary concern.

A polyurethane surface is finished with a nonporous aliphatic coating, making it hygienic and easy to clean. However, this thin topcoat provides abrasion resistance that is 2 times less and a wear layer 12 times thinner than Taraflex sports floors. For the lifetime of the product, Taraflex does not need to be resurfaced, waxed, sealed or polished.


The multi-purpose characteristics of Taraflex means it is suitable not only for sports but also for assemblies and events, making it a fit-for-purpose solution for schools and professional facilities. Taraflex is available in colours that can be matched to school, team or club uniforms.

Because Taraflex is factory made, its colour and design are consistent across the floor. Its finishes include a timber look, solid colours, and custom designs for school or team logos.


Taraflex has heat-welded seams, is waterproof and does not support the growth of bacteria. Like polyurethane floors, it has good resistance to staining. Repairs to Taraflex can be made easily with no down time, whereas repairing polyurethane involves the use of solvent-based chemicals, which may require closing the facility.

Taraflex from Advance is the world’s leading brand of indoor sports floor. It is available for multi-sports, multi-use and sports-specific applications, including tennis and badminton. Its technical innovations mean athletes can perform in more safety and comfort than with traditional polyurethane.

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