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100% PVC Free Carpet Tiles

100% PVC Free EcoBac Carpet Tiles
100% PVC Free EcoBac Carpet Tiles
Back View of EcoBac
Back View of EcoBac

Recycled backings bring sustainability to Voxflor carpet tiles

For the building industry, sustainability is an important criterion when it comes to product selection. A product’s sustainability is affected not only by the raw materials used, but also by the method of manufacture, its recycled and recyclable content and the energy costs of transportation.

Using 100% recyclable EcoBac and Comfort-Back backings, the Voxflor range of carpet tiles from Advance Flooring contributes to sustainability goals, with new product technology working to reduce construction’s environmental impact.

Carpet tiles are normally constructed from a yarn layer that is sewn into a primary backing. This is fixed with an adhesive pre-coat, to which layers of thermoplastic compound and fibreglass are applied. Finally, a felt backing is attached to provide cushioning once the tile is fixed to the floor.

The EcoBac and Comfort-Back felt backing used in the Voxflor range improves on traditional felt in a number of ways. It is made of recycled plastic (PET) bottles. Intertek verified, it has no PVC, plasticiser, DOP, DINP or bitumen, and offers superior sustainability and performance.

In its manufacturing process, EcoBac and Comfort-Back felt incorporate approximately 30% recycled materials. At end of life, these materials separate easily into their constituents for ease of recycling, and provide 100% recyclable content by mass. At the same time, the backing uses a new adhesive technology that obviates the need for noxious chemicals such as formaldehyde in the production process.

An important energy saving is found in transportation. Because this new felt is 20–25% lighter than traditional carpet tile backing, it represents a reduction in the product’s carbon footprint. This lighter weight also means Voxflor tiles are easier to carry, providing health and safety benefits for installers, as well as reducing a building’s overall construction load.

Comfort-Back tiles are suited to the education sector, where children’s comfort is paramount. They are also used in apartments and commercial interiors for their acoustic properties. The high-quality cushion backing provides dimensional stability and long-lasting elasticity that reduces foot fatigue. It also offers good sound absorption, contributing to an improved indoor acoustic environment.

EcoBac is found in Voxflor products such as Myriads, Thrive and Wetlands & Awake, as well as NZ stock carpet tiles Cityscape and Havelock. Kingston features the Comfort-Back. It is certified Red List Free by Declare, and offers significant environmental benefits over traditional felt backings, with no compromise on performance.

EcoBac and Comfort Backing Structure