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Tretford Carpets bring cashmere comfort and quiet to college

After severe flooding, an Auckland college needed new flooring for their entrance. Rather than choose standard carpet tiles, they opted for distinctive Tretford Carpets from Advance Flooring.

‘For the reception area we were after flooring that would really enhance the space,’ notes the client. ‘We considered hard flooring like wood or polished concrete, but with so many students passing through each day, we needed something that would offer warmth and quiet as well as look great.’

Ethically sourced goat hair

After consulting with their flooring specialist, the school chose Tretford Carpet, a unique product constructed from 70% natural cashmere goat hair, ethically and sustainably sourced from small goat-herding communities in Mongolia.

‘The team at Advance really helped us make the choice. We had to move fast, because there were teaching spaces we couldn’t access, and they recommended Tretford as an option that is very popular in the education sector in the UK.’

Over 60 different colours

Global GreenTag Rated Level A, Tretford has the environmental qualifications to support its natural construction, and is available in four stock colours – Anthracite, Dapple Grey, Silver Birch and Sage – with a range of over 60 colours that can be mixed and matched in rolls, tiles or custom rugs.

‘We chose Silver Birch, which really suits the space, and the weave gives a great texture. It blends in well with the school environment and is proving very effective in keeping noise levels down.’


Product: Tretford Carpet

Installer: Flooring Junction

Photographer: Jono Parker

Writer: Folio

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