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Osten Cafe

Spatial designer — Material Creative

Osten Cafe


Classy dining in an auto showroom raises some unique issues, like how to keep out dirt and moisture without distracting from the ambience within.

Marketing cars has become somewhat of an art form in recent years. Fast disappearing are the dusty yards stacked with rows of autos, and in comes bespoke business showcases as car companies get more and more clever at attracting new costumers.

Ebbetts Waikato have taken this to a whole new level by opening a chic café designed by another Hamilton icon – Chow Hill – right inside their showrooms in East Hamilton.

Wedged in the spacious atrium between the Audi & Volkswagen showrooms ‘Osten’ (which is German for ‘East’), caters to the upper middle class professionals who are prime candidates for a new RS or GTI. And while we could wax lyrical about the tantalizing treats they serve, we really want to draw your attention to the décor.

Like all things Teutonic, the minimalist design is crisp and functional, right down to the grand entrance. The large glass sliding doors open onto a large patio, and can be retracted to allow for al fresco dining or the occasional egress of autos (should that be required). To keep the insides clean, without distracting from the design, interior designers Material Creative turned to Advance Flooring for help.

The solution lay in the best-selling ‘CoralTread’ Entrance Matting System utilizing robust polyamide infills into a stylish aluminimum frame. The sleek low profile system is highly slip resistant, moisture absorbent, and traps dirt on specially designed corrugated rails.

The low profile enhanced both attractiveness and strength, and was fabricated to exact size in Advance’s Auckland factory. Installation was completed in a matter of hours, and (incidentally) a matter of hours from opening (allowing for all the nasty equipment to be removed and the floors cleaned prior to installation).

CoralTread is manufactured and installed by Advance Flooring Systems, NZ’s leading supplier of innovative commercial flooring and entrance matting systems in Australia and the Pacific. For more information please contact us on tollfree 0508 238 262 or email