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Premium Gym Tiles

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Premium Gym Tiles have been developed and engineered for general fitness gyms and CrossFit applications. They are highly resilient to pounding due to the dual layer construction and are very slip resilient for a safer exercise environment. These are a cost effective choice where a tough, sound absorbing, anti-vibration and comfortable tile surface is preferred. Suitable for home gyms.

Premium Gym Tiles are manufactured as a pressed tile and minor size variations can be expected with this process.


  • Logos, agility and functional zone markings can be in-laid in the surface as well.
  • Sound absorbent
  • Slip resistant
  • Anti-vibration
  • Home gym suitable 
Fit for purpose

Premium Gym Tiles are recommended to be installed in commercial and residential gyms. They provide acoustic dampening, are durable and compliant. 


The tiles are 15mm thick tiles measuring 1010 x 1010 mm. It is our recommendation that the tiles are installed in a brick pattern and are fully adhered. 

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Rubber Flooring - Gym Tiles
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7 Year Guarantee
7 Year Guarantee