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Customisation - Emerson's Brewery



All of our aluminium Entrance Matting Systems can be either powder-coated or anodised to suit any décor. You can choose a bright colour to make the Entrance Mat stand out, or a complimentary colour so the Entrance Mat blends in with the building. Otheriwse, get a custom logo for your entrance way. You choose. 

For custom printed carpet tiles, click HERE


Anodising is an easy to maintain, durable coating. Unaffected by sunlight and emitting no VOC's, anodising won't peel or flake off the aluminium. 

Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a highly versatile aluminium surface treatment that offers a large range in colours and finishes, from matt to satin and gloss finishes. Powder coating is a uniform and consistent finish for aluminium.