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Tarasafe Safety Vinyl Vinyl Flooring

Tarasafe Super

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Tarasafe Super is the anti-slip safety vinyl solution for your commercial kitchen. With deeply inlaid mineral crystal particles, Tarasafe Super is highly slip resistant. Rated for commercial kitchen use with R12, P5 anti-slip ratings, Tarasafe Super is made of 100% recycled materials. 

Reinforced by a glass fibre grid and available in a sheet format, it is the ideal solution for heavy traffic applications where slip resistance, durability, hygiene and easy maintenance are required.

  • Dense concentration of deep inlaid anti-slip particles throughout the wear layer
  • Enhanced anti-slip rating of R12, P5 for commercial kitchen 
  • Carborundum FREE flooring for ease of cutting and installation
  • Uniform wear-layer design delivers durable colours
  • 100% recyclable and contains recycled materials
  • Global GreenTag rated
Fit for purpose

Tarasafe Super is recommended to be installed in kitchen environments. 


Thickness: 2.20mm

Wear layer thickness: 1.12mm

Weight: 2880g/sqm

Sheet width: 2000mm

Sheet length: 20m 

Slip resistance: >36

Slip resistance (wet): R12

Slip resistance (pendulum): P5

Anti-bacterial activity: >99% inhibits growth

Warranty: 12 Years

Masterspec Partner
Tarasafe Super
Tarasafe Super - Commercial Kitchen
Colour palette
7386 Savana Safety Commercial Kitchen Vinyl R12 7386 Savana
7438 Baleine Safety Commercial Kitchen Vinyl R12 7438 Baleine
7767 Dove Grey Safety Commercial Kitchen Vinyl R12 7767 Dove Grey
NZ Stock
7801 Noir Safety Commercial Kitchen Vinyl R12 7801 Noir
NZ Stock
At a glance
12 Year Guarantee
12 Year Guarantee