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500NV Series

Neoflex™ is a prefabricated rubber flooring made of polymerically bound recycled and synthetic rubbers. It is soft yet durable and comprises of 80% SBR rubber and 20% mixed coloured EPDM rubber. The end result is an appealing yet very cost effective flooring solution available in a wide variety of colours. It is suited for fitness gyms, changing rooms, waiting rooms, walkways, exhibitions and public spaces.

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500NV Series
500NV Series
Colour palette
500-001.jpg 501
500-002.jpg 502
503.jpg 003
504.jpg 004
505.jpg 005
513.jpg 513
514.jpg 514
515.jpg 515
516.jpg 516
517.jpg 517
518.jpg 518
500-519.jpg 519
520.jpg 520
521.jpg 521
524.jpg 524
529.jpg 529
530 Series Rubber Flooring 530
531 Series Rubber Flooring 531
553.jpg 553
554.jpg 554
555 Series Rubber Flooring 555
556 Series Rubber Flooring 556
591 Series Rubber Flooring 591
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