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Noise reduction of 25 dB. 


Pile Fibre:   100% Polyamide (Solution dyed)

Gauge:   5/64e loop pile            

Tuft Density:   223 600 Stitches/m²            

Total pile mass:   850 g/m²            

Mass of pile above the substrate:   520 g/m²            

Thickness of pile above the substrate:   3,5 mm            

Surface pile density:   0,149 g/cm3            

Total Weight:    4800 g/m²            

Total Thickness:   7,5 mm                        

Primary Backing:  Non woven primary backing            

Backing System:   Vinyl backing reinforced with glass fiber (100 % recycled PVC)        

Tile Size:   50x50cm

Noise Reduction: 25 dB

What is LRV?

LRV is the amount of light a tile reflects, meaning more reflective tiles require less lighting. This saves energy and helps those working in windowless spaces or visually impaired, encouraging efficiency and safety.
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Colour palette
Nuance_234 234
LRV 15.0%
Nuance_239 239
LRV 14.0%
Nuance_2_030 030
LRV 16.7%
At a glance
33 Wear Resistance
33 Wear Resistance
15 Year Guarantee
15 Year Guarantee